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Safe Sleep Reminders

on November 16, 2012

Now that winter is fast approaching, we still need to be SIDS Prevention savvy while keeping our peanuts warm and cozy at night. SIDS Prevention Guidelines state this:

A firm mattress, tight fitted sheet and a swaddled baby are all that need to be in a crib. PERIOD.

If your baby is older and is rolling around, placing a blanket in the crib with them can be especially dangerous. Babies have died from getting wrapped up in blanket and not being able to cry loud enough to get their parents attention to come and unwrap them from their beehive they created unknowingly. Or, even scarier, are not able to breathe as they have the blanket wound up so tight they can’t get their face out for fresh air. We need to keep our kids safe but also warm at the same time. Over bundling and overheating your baby are listed as SIDS Risks. They have options such as “Sleep Sacks” that are a great alternative to a loose blanket in the crib. This way you achieve the overall goal of creating a comfy sleep but safe environment for your infant.

Here is one example:

If you want to opt out of the sleep sack, there are other ways to keep your baby warm without one. Choose pj’s that are warm and fuzzy and fit properly (They are able to stretch out and not have their toes cramped from feet that don’t fit!) Under warm pj’s you can always layer. Place a long sleeve onesie on underneath as well as warm socks that have a chance at staying in place overnight.

However you bundle just remember this: Although we teach to dress your baby as warmly as you are, keep in mind that you have blankets and they don’t. This is the time when you safely add an extra layer all around so they stay just as comfy as you do, but safe.

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